2022 Canada Summer Games

Niagara Region, Ontario - August 6 to 14

Team Selection Process:

Player Responsibilities:

  1. Attend one of the Talent ID camps in Spring 2022
  2. Show desire, skill level, and coachability during games

Selection Process:

  1. Selection Tournament: 2 x Teams of 16 players will attend an AABC Selection Tournament. All players, under consideration, will need to attend the tournament. However, exceptional events can be considered (ex. funerals or injuries)
  2. Coaches/High-Performance Vote:

All coaches will vote, independently, on their team

The Head Coach and High Performance Coordinator will go through the lists and determine the final roster.

The High Performance Coordinator will submit the final list to the AABC office

Most players will be notified, in June 2022, as to whether they have made the team.  All players, chosen or not, will be telephoned by the High Performance Coordinator

The characteristics that we look for, regarding each of the skills, are listed on our website. For example, balance is an important consideration regarding the hitting skill.  We also indicate which skills have a “heavier weighting”, in comparison to other skills, at each position.  An illustration of this is foot speed is a greater consideration for a centre fielder, as compared to the catching position.  We also indicate, on our website, what type of personal/team characteristics we look for in our players.

Players and parents must realize that we are looking for players that will be successful at the national level.

The team roster will attempt to include the following:

At least four players that can play the outfield, and two must be able to play centre field at the national level

Three players that can catch at the national level

Three middle infielders, two of which must be able to play shortstop at the national level

Three corner infielders, two of which must be able to play third at the national level

Roster should include some balance between left-handed and right-handed hitters

Pitching staff will include at least one left-handed pitcher

General Points:

We like our players to be good teammates.

We like our pitchers to be strike-throwers. Command of more than one pitch is an asset. Velocity is important, but not the only criterion used in evaluation.

We like our teams to hustle on-and-off the field.

We like our offence to be one that can win the slugfest, or the tight one-run games. In stating this, we like some speed at the top and bottom of the lineup, with power in the middle. We also like a combination or two that we “hit and run” with.

We like a good two-strike approach from our hitters. Nothing hurts a team’s offense more than a strikeout, especially a called third strike.

Helmet tosses or use of profanity, do not win you any points regarding selection to Team Alberta.

Versatility to play more than one position, at the national level, is an asset.




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