Player Skills & Attributes

1.  Be a competitor. Each moment is an opportunity for you to show up.  Give us your best.

2.  Team First, over ME first. We are looking for players who accept their role on the team and support their teammates and team success. 

3. Be athletic in many areas, not just baseball.  Skip rope, run ladders, compete in track and other team sports, etc.  Often when final decisions are made about position players, it comes down to athleticism and arm strength. Young players that play only baseball, often grow stale and sometimes develop major injuries because of the lack of overall muscle development.  Aim to become a well rounded athlete. 

4.  Take initiative to play catch and do throwing drills on your own.  Arm strength allows you more positional fits.  Try and learn different positions, players who have versatility have a greater chance of being selected. 

5.  Work on hitting.  Try and get at least 75 cuts a day, most days of the week during the season.  In the off-season try for 3x per week and get 50 cuts in each time. Do a variety of drills to work on different aspects of your swing; for example, do balance and bats speed drills for 2 weeks, then switch to hands inside the ball and extension drills for 2 weeks. 

Position Specific Skills:


-Balance, soft landing or no stride

-Stay on play with swing, can have a little lift at the end

-Bat should go directly to the ball, and shorter to the ball is preferable 

-Bat speed

-Good two strike approach, strikeouts kill rallies

-Loose hands with some rhythm

-Pitch recognition


-Good takeaway from glove

-Quiet head, balance during delivery

-Shoulders stay online

-Front toe doesn't flair out on plant

-Engaged lower half

-Break the hands down the body torso preferably the front knee

-Small or no arm wrap during delivery

-Hands stay on top of ball through arm circle

-Repeat delivery


-Fields the ball usually between body midline and glove side foot

-Aggressive and tries to field ball at top off the hop, or just after it hits the ground

-Arm accuracy

-Soft, relaxed hands

-Good footwork, don't run the ball over first

-Arm strength

-Smaller arm circle than outfielders


-Reads off the batted ball (instincts)

-Foot speed

-Arm accuracy

-Balance in the field

-Arm strength

-Backup role to infielders


-Ability to receive the ball with quiet glove

-Quick feet

-Arm accuracy

-Blocking ability of pitches in the dirt

-On field Leadership

-Arm strength

-Smaller arm circle

-Ability to shift weight/position behind the plate

Position Skills Ranking Breakdown:


Primary - fielding, throwing

Secondary - hitting, power, running

First Base

Primary - hit, power field

Secondary - throw, run

Second Base 

Primary - field, hit, run

Secondary - power, throw


Primary - field, throw, run

Secondary - hit, power

Third Base 

Primary - field, hit, power, arm

Secondary - run

Left Field 

Primary - hit, power, field

Secondary - run, throw

Centre Field

Primary - field, run, throw

Secondary - hit, power

Right Field

Primary - power, throw, hit

Secondary - run, field

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