Reasons for inclusion in youth sports:

  • All kids should benefit from the social aspect of being on a team
  • Adulthood usually requires that we have to work with others.  Team sports are a great opportunity to work on those skills.  All kids learn that working towards a common goal is often more important than individual targets.
  • Enhanced self-esteem for individuals who are part of a team
  • Team sports provide youth an opportunity for better physical fitness as children, and later as adults.  Physical fitness is important for all societal groups.
  • Team sports can help promote the concept of fairness.  The team setting helps promote the importance of working hard, being a good teammate and a coachable individual, as opposed to judging people based on skin colour, gender, religious persuasion, or ethnicity.
  • Including all kids creates a bigger pool of athletes, and thus increases chances of team competitive success
  • Youth sports can create a template of inclusion for all aspects of society.  Our youth will carry the ideas of inclusion with them into adult life.

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