Keith Jorgensen Memorial Tournament

2023 Keith Jorgensen Memorial Tournament - September 1 to 3 in Lethbridge

REVISED SCHEDULE 08/31/2023 - See below



About Keith Jorgensen...

Keith was tireless worker for baseball in Alberta.  He coached numerous youth teams as well as holding many executive youth baseball positions.  He was instrumental in the development and success of the Prairie Baseball Academy.  Keith was passionate about giving all kids a chance to play baseball.  He was concerned about the success of the baseball program in smaller centres, as well as the achievements of baseball in larger locales.  

This baseball event fits well with Keith's baseball vision.  The tournament will be a round-robin affair, with the emphasis on getting competitive games for all entrants.  The tournament will have at least two tiers, and the competition will comprise of five innings games.  We will keep all teams to roughly 30 innings of play, regarding the entire tournament.  It is hoped that this event will pay tribute to all Keith's baseball involvement.

The Jorgensen family is thankful and appreciative of the efforts to celebrate Keith's involvement in baseball.




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