AABC Sport Donation Fund

Donation Fund Program

Alberta Amateur Baseball Council has created the Alberta Amateur Baseball Council Sport Fund (AABCSF), a philanthropic gift-giving program.  The fund is established to maintain, and possibly expand, the programs that Alberta Amateur Baseball Council has initiated.  The primary focus of the fund is to help finance player development.

One of the functions of AABCSF is to manage fund-raising initiatives for youth amateur baseball in Alberta.  AABCSF goals are to ensure that no player, facing economic hardship, will be denied the opportunity to attend an Alberta Select or Team Alberta event.  The fund will support specific causes that promote the development of Alberta youth baseball.  The fund will also try to include groups that have been marginalized in the past, regarding youth sport, and more specifically baseball. 

To process the donations the Alberta Amateur Baseball Council participates in the Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Donation Fund Program, through the Government of Alberta.  The link listed below will take you to the appropriate donation form:


After logging on, here are the steps to ensure that your donation goes to its desired destination:

  1. Once on the page, scroll down to "How to Donate"
  2. Click onto the "Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Donation Form"
  3. On the form where it says "please select", choose BASEBALL
  4. List the amount you wish donate
  5. Select the program or programs you wish to direct your donation towards.  Our preference is in the following order: player development, coach development, events, facilities
  6. Please complete the form and mail it, along with a Cheque payable to the: GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA, Donation Fund Program, Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation, Suite 500, 10055-106 Street N.W., Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1G3


Thank you for your continued support of the AABC.

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