Technical Committee

The Role of the AABC Technical Committee:

  • Attend games and tournaments in their region
  • Provide reports to the High-Performance Coordinator on player development
  • Attend 2/3 conference calls per season
  • represent the AABC in a professional manner

The AABC will host 2 - 3 meetings per season, to retain information from the Technical Committee.

The 2021 Technical committee is comprised of all Members of the AABC organization and captures input from all Alberta Zones. 

The 2021 Technical Committee is headed by the AABC High Performance Leader Dale Tilleman and the members include, 

Rob McDonnell                             Medicine Hat             Little League/American Legion
Denny Puzkar                                Lethbridge                  Little League/American Legion
Doug McPhail                                           Okotoks            Okotoks Academy
Braden Persion                                             Calgary        U of C/Baseball Alberta
Glen Lindsay                                                      Calgary  Little League
Miki Kawahara                                                    Calgary  Babe Ruth
Geoff Freeborn                                              Calgary      Babe Ruth
Scott Murray                                                 Red Deer     Baseball Alberta/Red Deer Academy
Jarad Lovie                                    Sherwood Park          Baseball Alberta
Tara Sylinski                                         Edmonton            Girls Baseball/Baseball Alberta
Heather Northcott                                             Clyde     Baseball Alberta
Andrew Swagers                                   Fort McMurray  Fort McMurray Academy/Baseball Alberta

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