Team Alberta Events

The AABC provides the opportunity of training and competition for athletes being identified and trained as having the necessary talent to participate for Team Alberta at regional and national training opportunities and tournaments, such as the Top 40 Invitational, Spring Training, Alberta Summer Games, Western Canada Summer Games, Canada Summer Games, and any other regional tournaments that may arise. 

Spring Training

Mirrored after the major leagues spring training, athletes who are scouted by coaches, directors and AABC staff are invited to participate in this camp.  The program is geared toward youth ages 14-16 years old and offers individual task specific instruction to all players.  The program is designed to prepare the top athletes for the upcoming season while evaluating their talent on a one-on-one basis.  

Top 40 Invitational

This invitational training weekend is designed to work in conjunction with the Spring Training event in identifying the top group of talent among baseball players aged 14-16 in Alberta.  The Top 40 Invitational takes place in the fall months after the summer baseball season has reached completion.  The weekend offers individualized training from coaches and professionals, scrimmage opportunities, and personal development sessions. The idea is to bring kids together for a well rounded training weekend and offer skills training from a mental, emotional, physical, and psychological standpoint.  

Alberta Summer Games

The Alberta Summer Games, introduced in 1986, provide a competitive opportunity for developing athletes to celebrate their hard work, help them reach their athletic potential, and assist in the preparation of potential athletes for the Canada Games.  The ASG run every two years, and the best 15U players across the province are chosen to represent their respective zone. 

Alberta Zone Championships

The Alberta Zone Championships are organized by the AABC and a host community, and designed to off-set the years that the Alberta Summer Games do not run.  Each of the 8 zones in the province are represented by their best 15U players in an 8-team provincial championship tournament mirrored after the Alberta Summer Games.  

Western Canada Summer Games

Established in 1975, the Western Canada Summer Games were put into place as a multi-sport event providing development opportunities for amateur athletes and to help them advance their skills in a competitive environment.  These games run every two years - off-setting the time between Canada Summer Games competitions.  The WCSG serve to broaden the exposure of talented athletes and provide an additional training ground for national and international level competition.  

Canada Summer Games

Held every two years (since 1967), alternating between summer and winter, the Canada Games are a key event in the development of Canada's young athletes. Baseball participates every 4 years in the Canada Summer Games. As the best in their age group, these young competitors come to the games after training long and hard to be among those chosen to represent their respective province.  The Canada Games are poised as a key step in the development of Canada's future star athletes who are the nations next generation national, international and Olympic Champions.