Athlete Opportunities

The Alberta Sport Development Centre SW is currently seeking applicants for the 2017-2018 Athlete Enhancement Program in their region.  The program is free to athletes who apply and get accepted.

Click Here to access the "AEP Invite Letter" that describes the program in greater detail and Click Here to access the "AEP Year 1 Application".  Please, forward this information to your coaches, parents, and athletes who would be interested in the flagship program. 

It is an incredible opportunity to be a part of the AEP as athletes receive over $2500 of sport science services (strength & conditioning, mental training, etc.) at no cost, completely free!

Please contact Joshua Hoetmer if you have any questions about the Alberta Sport Development Centre SW and the Athlete Enhancement Program

Joshua Hoetmer, MA

Centre Coordinator

Mental Performance Consultant

Office: 403-320-5271

Cell: 403-892-9888