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2019 Pitching Clinic with Duane Ward (2X-World Series winning Pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays)

Saturday December 7,2019

*see attachments for more information about registration


2019 College Workout - July 17 & 18 (Calgary & Spruce Grove)

AABC is committed to providing Alberta athletes with opportunities for exposure and growth.   The College Workout is an opportunity for baseball athletes to gain greater exposure to college programs and scholarships.  Coaches from several college programs (local and from the US) will be in attendance.  The coaches are from reputable programs, and have shown an interest in the talent of Alberta Athletes.  College coaches recruit from what they see, or the opinions of trusted contacts, not videos.  This type of camp will get coaches a better chance to see the players, and subsequently a better chance for players to obtain scholarships. 

Two Dates/Locations are offered this season;

Camp 1: South Location

When: Wednesday July 17, 2019

Where: Calgary @ Glenmore Ball Park

Time: 10am-2:30PM (1/2 hour lunch)

Cost: $45 (t-shirt & lunch included)

Eligibility: Grade 11 & 12 (preference to AB residents).  

*a maximum of 30 participants will be allowed to participate. 

Format: Catch, 60 yard dash, infield/outfield drills, batting practice, scrimmage.  Pitchers will throw in the bullpen first, then in a live scrimmage situation.  

 Camp 2: North Location

When: Thursday July 18, 2019

Where: Spruce Grove @ Henry Singer Field

Time: 10am-2:30PM (1/2 hour lunch)

Cost: $45 (t-shirt & lunch included)

Eligibility: Grade 11 & 12 (preference to AB residents).

*a maximum of 30 participants will be allowed to participate.

Format: Catch, 60 yard dash, infield/outfield drills, batting practice, scrimmage. Pitchers will throw in the bullpen first, then in a live scrimmage situation.

-all Pitchers will throw one inning, with a twelve pitch warmup prior to the inning

-all Position Players will have at least three at-bats against live pitching


How to Register 

1. Registration Email: please send an email to: 

         Subject Line: Registration College Workout - (North or South)

         Body of Email: Please provide the following information;

         1. Players Name:

         2. Address:

         3. Phone #:

         4. DOB:

         5. T-Shirt Size:

         6. Primary Position Played:

         7. Secondary Position Played:

         8. Height:

         9. Weight:

        10. Side you Bat on:

        11. Throwing Arm Side:

        12. Current Association you play for (Team):

        13. Dietary Restrictions/Allergies:

2. Payment: $45/player (EMT is preferred method of payment) 

       Email Transfer the $45 fee to to finalize the registration. 

       Please use the Password: Baseball

 3. Form: Please Click on this link, sign and return this  wavier                                        

*registration will be accepted on a first registered/first paid basis. 

*if a player wants to register for two camps, he or she will have to wait until July 15th for the second camp.  We want to give as many players as possible to have a chance to show their skills, in front of college recruiters.


Confirmation of Registration

*you will receive an email to confirm registration once all 3 requirements have been met:

1. Emailed Info

2. Signed Liability Form

3. Payment has been received 

You are not fully registered until you have received a Confirmation Email from the email.


Any questions about the details of the workout should be directed towards Dale Tilleman 403-894-0528.

Any questions about the registration process should be directed towards our office at