2017 Canada Summer Games

Date: July 28 - August 5, 2017

Location: Winnipeg, MN

For more information about the Games please visit: http://www.2017canadagames.ca/en/content/baseball

Team Alberta Athletes will be identified during the 2017 Talent ID Camps.  You can view the schedule and register for a camp HERE.  The team will be announced and players will be contacted early June.

Player Expectations

Our first consideration is to assemble the team that will give us the best chance at national success. The best team may not necessarily mean all the players with the highest skill levels.  Competitive attitude, hustle, and team-oriented play will be given very high priority.  The best way to show these characteristics is to make them part of your identity; and to exhibit them each practice, pre-game, and contest you participate in.  

Team Members are expected to have the following:

  • Team-first attitude
  • Athleticism
  • Strong work ethic
  • High baseball IQ
  • Strong desire and willingness to succeed at the national level
  • Pride in wearing the Team Alberta uniform
  • We are looking for kids who COMPETE (We are NOT looking for helmet or bat tossing, swearing, arguing with officials, poor sportsmanship characteristics, etc)
  • Passion for the game and a desire to continually be improving - this includes between innings, pre-game drills, batting practice, etc.

Position Specific


  • Swing should be short and simple to the ball
  • Swing should extend through the baseball
  • Balance is key to a good hitter (land softly, without flaring out the font foot; try to have a quiet head when swinging)
  • Hips need to get through on the swing (belly button should face the pitcher after the swing)
  • Keep the hands moving prior to the swing
  • Arms should be relaxed and loose
  • Have a plan at the plate; if you get two strikes we do not want ANY called third strikes
  • Willingness to sacrifice yourself in bunting situations and swing the bat on hit and run situations


  • Delivery should have balance
  • The hands should be broken down torso of the body; not behind it
  • The ball comes out of the glove with the thumb down, hand on top of ball
  • Arm action should be loose and easy
  • Plant foot should land slightly turned inward (pitchers who flare out the front toe or land on the heel lack projection)
  • Need to stay on line with shoulders and stride
  • Confidence in going after hitters
  • Quick pace; we feel your defence will be better if you don't hold the ball for a long period between pitches
  • If you're getting roughed up, no looks into the dugout.  We need pitchers that stay tough in adverse situations
  • If you come out of the game, be the first on to root for the guy that took your place


  • Quick feet
  • Arm strength
  • Soft hands
  • Ability to frame a pitch
  • Blocking ability
  • High energy level
  • Range and toughness


  • Hustle on and off the field to your positions
  • Play 'flat-out' on each defensive chance
  • Quick/agile feet (try to keep moving through the ball when fielding, and shorten steps when you get close to the ball)
  • Soft hands
  • Fielding mechanics - try and field the ball as much as possible just inside your glove side leg, and glove hand out front
  • Lower your body to see the ball better once you get close to fielding it 
  • Range and toughness
  • Arm strength and accuracy from different angles


  • Running speed
  • Arm Strength
  • Balance and finish to throws
  • Good instincts/decision making skills and routes on the field
  • Good routes after the ball (open to the ball properly)

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